Our Charlton Family Story

This is a very interesting line.  My fifth great grandmother, Isabella Charlton, married Joseph Perry about 1742.  I suspect they met and married in Ireland.  Both were born in Ireland.  I have recounted James Perry's story elsewhere. 

Isabella's brother, Arthur Charlton, was the grandfather of Francis Scott Key, the author of The Star Spangled Banner.

We can trace the Charlton's back to England to Sir Edward Charlton who married Judith and had two sons, Henry and Thomas.  We know Thomas immigrated to Maryland.  He married a cousin, Alice Charlton there.  They had eleven children.  My fifth great grandmother, Isabella was their fourth child. 

We don't know just when Thomas and Alice immigrated.  We do know Thomas died in Chester Co, PA in 1743, and Alice died in Frederick Co., MD in 1761.  She apparently moved to Maryland to live with one of her children after her husband died.  One of her other sons, Capt. John Charlton, led a raid in Pennsylvania during the border disputes.  The Charlton's seemed to marry cousins a lot.  John married his first cousin, Margaret/Elinor Charlton. She was the daughter of Thomas' brother, Henry who must have immigrated also.  Henry died in Chester Co., PA in 1745.

Our line continues through Isabella Charlton who married Joseph Perry before 1742. They had six daughters and one son.  Click here to see their Family Group Record.

We descend from their third daughter, Martha Mariah Perry who married Daniel McCoy. (Joseph Perry's mother, Nan Swift, was the first cousin of the satirist, Jonathan Swift. He mentioned her in his Journal to Stella.)

I do have many of the lines of the Charlton's, Perry's and McCoy's if anyone is interested.  Please send me an e-mail and I will send you information on these lines.


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