Our DeHoof/DeHoff/Dayhoff/Dayhuff Family History

The oldest document from which the DeHoff's have continuous records to present time is the will of Henrich Dehoff, dated March 28, 1785 and probated July 27, 1785. He mentioned three children in his will...They were:

Anna Maria, wife of Nicholas Weyant.
George, of Codorus Township, York Co., PA
Nicholas, of Codorus Township, York Co., PA

Our line continues through (John) George DeHoff who married Anna Elizabeth Kislin October 19, 1754 in Codorus Township, York Co., PA.  A cousin has his will online and graciously allows us to link to it.  George DeHoff will.

Click here to see George and Anna's Family Group Record. Our line continues through their 5th child, George Philip DeHoff.

DAR lists a George P. DeHoff, veteran of the Revolutionary War, buried in Columbiana County Cemetery. DAR also lists birth date, death date, both wives and that George Philip was a private from Pennsylvania.

George Philip DeHoff first married Anna Margaretha Weigel in Codorus Township, York Co., PA about 1784.  They had at least six children.  Click here to see their Family Group Sheet.

Anna Margaretha Weigel DeHoff died before 1796.  He then married Louise Krack and had at least ten more children.

There is some question as to just how many children George Philip had. Some old folks' tales say "19", but we have not been able to find a record of more than the sixteen.  However, some may have died in infancy of early childhood, with no record made of them. On the other hand, in Ohio, where the "19" story was current, they had records of only eleven children. Another man, Philip Dahof, who had eight children, settled in Carroll County, Ohio, at about the same period of time that George Philip settled, not far away. If later generations should confuse Philip and George Philip, and believe that they were one and the same man, they would believe that he had nineteen children. We have found numerous old letters in which this confusion is evident. The question - how many children did George Philip have? - is still open.

There is a bio sketch of him in History of York Co., Pa. By John Gibson. Chicago. 1886. (772, 207p.):699

Our line continued through George Philip and his first wife, Anna Margaretha's son, George William DeHoff who married Catharina Weissleder on September 26, 1813 in Columbiana County, OH.  They had about nine children.  We continue through their son, John Dayhoff.  John used the spelling Dayhoff on his marriage license to Elizabeth Flowers.  All of the other children used the DeHoff spelling.  And for whatever the reason, John and Elizabeth's children all used the DeHoff spelling.  Click here to see their Family Group Record.

We continue through their daughter, Rachel E. who married Daniel Courtney.

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