Our Foote Family History

There is a lot of controversy about the Foote family in England.  The most accepted person to be our ancestor is Robert or John Foote, born about 1523 in Royston, Hertfordshire, England.  He married Ellen or Helen Warren/Waryn about 1548.  They had three sons and two daughters.  We descend from the first son, Robert who was born about 1553 in Shalford, Essex, England.  He married Joane Brooke on June 18, 1576 in St. Leonard East, London, England.  Robert had a brother John, a citizen and grocer of London. His son was Sir Thomas Foote, Lord Mayor of London,1649-50.

Robert and Joane Foote had nine children.  Joane died sometime after 1608.  Robert died January 27, 1609 in Shalford, Essex, England.  Our line continues through their first son, Nathaniel.

Our first Foote to immigrate to the Colonies was Nathaniel Foote.  He was born in Shalford, Essex, England on September 9, 1592.  He is well documented in the Foote History and Genealogy by Abram W. Foote.  I have both Volume I & II.  Volume III is being written but there is no date for the publication as of yet.

"Nathaniel Foote, age 16, put himself apprentice to Samuel Croylye of Colchester aforesaid grocer and Free Burgess from the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel last past for the term of eight years." Dated 21 Sept. 1608.

Nathaniel married Elizabeth Deming about 1615 in Colchester, England.  (Elizabeth's brother, John Deming was one of the first settlers of Wethersfield, CT and later Governor.)

In 1630 Nathaniel and Elizabeth, along with several children, came to America in the brig "Annie", in the same fleet as Sir Richard Saltonstall. They settled first at Watertown, Massachusetts, 1633 and later Nathaniel became one of the ten original settlers of Wethersfield, Connecticut. Admitted freeman of MA 3 Sept. 1634. They moved to Wethersfield, CT about 1636.

There is a monument to him in the Court House Square in Wethersfield.  I've been there and saw it.  It is quite impressive.  The people of Wethersfield were very gracious when I told them I was Nathaniel Foote's 10th great granddaughter!

Nathaniel and Elizabeth had seven children.  Nathaniel died November 20, 1644.  Elizabeth died July 28, 1683.  They are the sixth great grandparents of US President Rutherford B. Hayes; eighth great grandparents of George Herbert Walker Bush;  the seventh great granduncle and aunt of US President William Howard Taft; and the ninth great granduncle and aunt of US President Richard Milhous Nixon.  Quite a legacy!

My family descends through Nathaniel and Elizabeth's son, Nathaniel Foote, Jr.  He married Elizabeth Smith sometime before 1647 in Wethersfield, CT.  Elizabeth's brother, Philip Smith married Nathaniel's sister, Rebecca Foote.  Elizabeth and Philip's sister, Mary Smith was the fifth great great grandmother of US President Grover Cleveland.

Our line continues through Nathaniel and Elizabeth's son, Daniel and through Daniel's son, Daniel.  And through the second Daniel's son, John.  Then through John's son, Elijah who married Eunice Peck on March 23, 1761.  (We can trace this Peck line to 1402 in Wakefield, England...but that is another story.)  They had seven children.  Eunice died February 23, 1776.

Elijah enlisted as a soldier in the Connecticut line of the Continental Army, American Revolution, the 16th regiment of Militia, according to records dated 10 May 1779. Continental Army. He enlisted September 3, 1777 for three years and was in Captain Comstock's Company. Elijah fought under General McDougall at Germantown October 4, 1777. They wintered at Valley Forge, 1777-1778, and on June 28th following were present at the battle of Monmouth. He was discharged September 3, 1780. His Militia group was called up by General George Washington in the late summer of 1776. Foote served in this capacity as part of the Sixteenth Regiment of Connecticut Militia (Captain John Botsford's Company), which comprised trainbands (local militia groups) from Danbury, Ridgefield, New Fairfield, and Newtown. Elijah enlisted in the Conntinental Line from service in the 16th. The regiments that served that brief time under Washington were heavily recruited for extended Continental service.

Abram W. Foote is rather modest, it seems, when going through the war record of Elijah. Elijah really saw much of the War of the Revolution and must have truly been a brave man.  

Several years after the close of the Revolution, Elijah and at least two of his sons, John Wesley and Andrew moved to the panhandle of Virginia and settled in the wilderness, near what is now the village of West Liberty, Ohio County, West Virginia.

We continue through John Wesley Foote who married Mary Grigson in 1789.  They had twelve children.  Mary died in 1819 when their youngest child was 7 years old.  They were living in Warren County, OH.  John married Mary Taylor in 1820.

John Wesley and Mary Grigson Foote's sixth child, Phebe was my third great grandmother.  She was named for John Wesley's grandmother, Phebe.  Phebe Foote married a Scot, Henry Stephenson on November 15, 1819 in Lebanon, Warren County, OH.  They had nine children.  We have been to their graves in Boone County, IN.

Our Foote Story ends with Phebe Foote and will continue in the Stephenson Story.

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