The Keister Family History

Henry Kister/Keister is as far back as we have definitely researched this line.  A cousin that also does research said she remembers family stories that Henry was from Westmoreland County, PA.  His tombstone says he was 91 y. 11m. 6 d. when he died on September 5, 1872.    So that would mean he was born on September 24, 1780.  He is buried in the Reading Cemetery in Knox Township, Columbiana County, OH.

 Henry married Anna Eve Riebsamen/Turnipseed.  She was born in Lovettsville, Loudon County, VA on December 9, 1785.  Her parents were Adam Riebsamen and Dorothy Steinbrenner.  We donít know where they met or married.  She died in Columbiana County, OH on February 11, 1855 and is also buried in the Reading Cemetery.

This family is mentioned in a book in the Salem (OH) Public Library, Francis E. Shaw and Relatives.  Mr. Shaw was married to Henryís granddaughter, Catherine.  (Mr. Shaw said in his book that Henry was a very pleasant man.)

They moved to Columbiana County from Westmoreland Co., PA.  We donít know where Henry met Anna Eve or where they were married.  We also donít know what prompted them to move to Columbiana County.

They had six daughters and two sons.  Of the two sons, only George married to carry on the Keister name.   Click here to see the Henry Keister Family Group Record.  

Our line continues through their first son, George Keister and his first wife, Mary Ann Wirt.  They had three daughters and three sons. .  Our line continues through their first daughter, Eliza Ann.  Click here to see the George Keister and Mary Ann Wirt Family Group Record.

Mary Ann Wirt Keister died by 1862 and George married Caroline Huddlemeier on December 20, 1863.  They had four sons and three daughters.  Check here to see George and Caroline's Family Record Group.  Caroline was 25 years younger than George when they married.  Their youngest son, Marion C. Kister has descendants today that have contacted us.  They sent pictures of George and Caroline.  Georgeís first daughter with Mary Ann named her fourth son, Marion C. Knight.  It is entirely possible that George and Caroline named their son, Marion C. after Marion C. Knight.  I donít know that for sure but it seems likely.  Marion C. Knight was 9 years old when his nephew was born.

Eliza Keister was reportedly Amish, according to a cousin.  Eliza left the faith to marry Robert Knight.  We received a copy of her picture this summer (1998) from this cousin.  Eliza had wide-set eyes and was very nice looking.   Eliza and Robert Knight had nine sons and two daughters.  Our line continues through their fourth son, Marion Calvin Knight.

 We have recently received an e-mail from a woman who is also researching the Keisterís.  She said that her Keisterís of Lancaster Co., PA were Peter, Robert or Clare Keister (spelled Koster) when they arrived from Amsterdam on Sept. 11, 1738 to Philadelphia on the ship "Winter Galley".  I havenít researched this yet, but the dates and place seem to fit in with what we know so far.

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