Our Shorts' Family History

We have only researched this line back to Richard Shorts.  He was born in the early 1750ís in England.  We donít know when he immigrated. 

History books in Butler Co., PA state that  Richard Shorts served in the 10th Pennsylvania Regiment in the Revolutionary War and that he was in Fredericks County, PA in 1776 (22 years old).  From the scant records found, Richard enlisted in December 1776 and was still a private in September 1778.  On two undated records is listed as a corporal.  

Richard married Jane Johnson about 1768.  They had six children:  Robert, Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Nancy and William.

Richard was listed as a "patentee" when he sold his land in Westmoreland County to Jacob Miller on May 16, 1798.  The sale is recorded in Deed Book Volume 8, page 136 in the office of the Recorder of Deeds, Allegheny County, PA.   Richard then moved to Butler Co., PA where he owned 400 acres of land on Connoquenessing Creek.

Richard died on May 31, 1801.  He left no will.  His son-in-law, Peter McKinney and Thomas Gray, made appraisement and inventory of his goods and chattels.  The appraisement was $60.72.  At this time, Jane Shorts and Robert Shorts renounced their rights to administer on the estate of Richard and requested letters be granted to William Shorts.

William Shorts sold fifty acres of land for $100 to Joseph McFerren on March 25, 1805 and the sale is recorded in Butler County.  Also on March 25, 1805, Peter and Mary McKinney, Thomas and Margaret Porter, James and Nancy Hughes and Robert Shorts, all of Butler County, on consideration of $40 paid to them in hand by William Shorts, gave up all rights to the property and estate.

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Our line continues through Mary Shorts who married Peter McKinney.

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