The Wilkinson Story

George Henry Wilkinson came to America from Sheffield, England. According to family history, his father was 98 years old when he died in England.  George Henry Wilkinson was a talented stonecutter and worked on any kind of stones, including gravestones.  George had a sister named Mary Wilkes.  That is all we know about them at this time.

 According to the 1870 census, George was 28 years old at the time—in which case he was born about 1842.

 George is reputed to be an extended member of the Wilkinson family that founded the Wilkinson Sword and Foundry Company in Sheffield, England.  At least that is what one of Bert’s cousins, who lived in New Brighton, believed to be true, based on his own genealogical research.  Some other members of the family question the accuracy of these findings.  I wrote directly to the Wilkinson factory in England to check this out this information.  The company sent me a copy of the Wilkinson family tree and said that George was not directly related but that he could have been a member of the extended family. 

George came to the United States as a cutlery expert and settled in Connecticut.  He later moved on to the New Brighton-Beaver Falls, PA area where he met and married Melinda Murray.   According to a book that has people who were naturalized citizens, George became a citizen of the US in October 1866.  I have not been able to obtain the naturalization papers, however.  George died in Beaver Falls, PA in 1891.  The death certificate indicates that he died of an abdominal aneurysm.

 George and Melinda Murray Wilkinson had four daughters and one son.  The one son only had one daughter, so the Wilkinson name has not been carried on.

Family Group Record

Husband: George Henry WILKINSON
Birth: abt 1842 Sheffield, England 
Death: 1891 Beaver, PA 
Burial: Lacock Cemetery, Rochester, Beaver Co., 
Marriage: bef 1866 Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., PA 
Wife: Melinda B. MURRAY
Birth: 21 Feb 1845 Rochester, Beaver Co., PA 
Death: 21 Jun 1927 Rochester, Beaver Co., PA 
Burial: Lacock Cemetery, Rochester, PA 
Father: Isaiah MURRAY (b 27 Oct 1820)
Mother: Sarah S. SMITH (b 6 Apr 1825)
Other spouse: John NEARY 
1 F Mary Ann (Molly) WILKINSON
Birth: 10 Jun 1866 Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., PA 
Death: 1 Jun 1945 New Castle, Lawrence Co., PA 
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Newcastle, PA 
Spouse: Robert S. CAMPBELL (m 24 May 1887) 
2 F Margaret Olive WILKINSON
Birth: 28 Mar 1871 New Brighton, Beaver Co., PA 
Death: 7 Nov 1960 Alliance, Stark, OH 
Burial: 10 Nov 1960 Grandview Cemetery, Sebring, Mahoning, O
Spouse: Clarence M. WILSON (m 4 Sep 1889) 
Spouse: Richard Lewis SUTTON (m bef 1938) 
Birth: 25 Feb 1873 Canton, Stark Co., Ohio 
Death: 15 Jul 1965 New Brighton, PA 
Burial: Grove Cemetery, New Brighton, PA 
Spouse: John Lester SMITH (m 15 Oct 1890) 
4 M George Henry William Grimm WILKINSON
Birth: 9 Feb 1879 Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., PA 
Death: 6 Oct 1973 Alliance, OH 
Burial: Alliance City Cemetery, Stark Co., OH 
Spouse: Jesse B. BREWER (m 15 Oct 1902) 
5 F Agnes Estelle WILKINSON
Birth: 17 Feb 1884 Beaver Falls, Beaver Co., PA 
Death: 1970 
Spouse: Louis Clyde SMITH
 Our line continues through George and Melinda’s second daughter, Margaret Olive Wilkinson.  She married Clarence B. Wilson in Beaver Falls, PA on September 4, 1889.  They had four sons.  The Wilson name was carried on many times through this union and many of these Wilson descendants are living today.

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