Wilson's Ancestors and Descendants

by Joyce Wilson

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When I started researching our Wilson family, I didn't feel confident that I would have much success. No one knew much about the family history. I literally started out with the names of only Bert's parents, sister and brothers. As of July 2007, we now have over 14,650 individuals in the database. Of those that are living, we have met several that we did not know even existed before I started this project. There were a few cousins living that Bert knew many years ago but had not seen since his grandmother's (whom the family called Nanny) funeral in 1960.

The surnames in the direct line are Wilson and Knight. The parents were Bert Sylvester Wilson and Ethel Esther Knight. Bert Sylvester Wilson's parents were Clarence M. Wilson and Margaret Olive Wilkinson. Ethel Esther Knight's parents were Marion Calvin Knight and Myrtle Courtney. As we branch out each generation doubles the amount of grandparents and great grandparents. By the time you have reached 10 generations you have 4,096 people in direct line grandparents alone! Then you get aunts and uncles and cousins added in and it goes on and on!

The names (so far) in the Wilson line are Wilson, McClure, McKinney, Ash, Shorts, Powell, Van Gorder, Beamer, Merkel, Wilkinson, Murray, and Smith.

The names in the Knight line are: Knight, Courtney, DeHoff (Dayhoff), Flowers, Keister, Barnett, Wirt, Elviston, Reibsamen  (loosely translated asTurnipseed), Weissleder/Whiteleather and Weigel.

As for ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War, we have the papers for Peter McKinney and the military information for Joseph Ash, although I have not sent to the National Archives yet for his papers. There is an indication that Sarah Powell Ash's father also was in the Revolutionary War. Jacob Van Gorder fought in the Revolutionary War and was captured by Indians. He was held captive five years before he escaped. Richard Shorts, another great grandfather served. Those are just the ancestors we know of that served on his father's side. So far, on his mother's side, two great grandfather's, John George DeHoff and Andrew Whiteleather served in the Revolutionary War. These are just the documented ones. There may be more. So Bert has eight fourth or fifth great grandfathers that served in the American Revolution. He just joined the SAR under Peter McKinney this summer.  The documentation was so good that he was approved in two weeks!!!

Robert Knight, James Wilson and Isaiah Murray were in the Civil War. They all died of diseases or injuries they received in the Civil War.

Our latest "find" is that Bert is a ninth cousin twice removed of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  We finally found a "celebrity" for him.

I have created a page for each family with their stories and pictures.  The names above that are underlined are links to their stories. You can also check out our genealogy page on World Connect. Click here for Wilson genealogy.

| Ash | Courtney | DeHoff | Keister | Knight | McKinney | Murray | Reibsamen
| Shorts | Van GorderWeigel | Whiteleather | Wilkinson | Wilson |


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